Cleaner Company develops a successful business but needs workers

Varna Company manufactures hotel cosmetics for over 500 objects from the country and abroad. However, the lack of workforce sometimes prevents them from fulfilling their orders in time. According to the company’s owner Ivan Radev, the crisis for production cadres is caused not so much by the low pay, but by the fact that young people prefer to work in tourism or to leave the country.

Ivan Radev’s cleaning agent is located in the village of Kichevo, near Varna. Provides work for 50 people, most of whom from nearby villages. Many of the workers have been in the company since its inception 15 years ago and are retired. Still, young people are among the skilled cadres. Borislav Zhekov has worked as a mechanic in the plant for two years. He says he prefers stability to work in resorts.

Borislav Zhekov, a mechanic: “Everybody has to do what he likes. You have to start somewhere, to get something to know how to work with him.”

The business owner says that in order to secure their future, an enterprise must invest in young people, even if they have to educate them. He himself is a chemist by education and occupied from the lowest to the highest position in the production of preparations. Recognizes that the beginning was difficult, but now the company manufactures, packs and brand hotel cosmetics for more than 500 sites. Clients are hotels, spa centers and restaurants all over Bulgaria, and soon in Macedonia, Romania, Germany and Italy. Both low and high grade products are produced. Lack of labor is most felt when large orders are to be executed.

Mr. Ivan Radev, owner of a preparation company: “Here we are currently ordering We are working for the International Red Cross and Crescent, we are currently working on Syrian shampoos 250 million We have an order for about 400 thousand shampoos by the end of October And we can not find a low-skilled job – just to fill shampoos and stick labels. “

Mr. Ivan Radev says that the state should stimulate enterprises in rural areas because it will help to revive them. He says there are European programs to buy equipment in this direction. He himself has won a similar project. However, the procedures are heavy and unbearable for small businesses.