INFORMATION ON THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PROJECT: Modernization of the production process, increase production capacity and export potential “Perilis TRADING” Ltd. by purchasing new equipment “

In March 2017 completed the implementation of activities under the project “Modernization of the production process, increasing production capacity and export potential” Perilis TRADING “by purchasing new equipment.” The project activities ended with the delivery, installation and commissioning of the last machine. All equipment pledged for the project was purchased, installed and put into operation. The machines purchased under the project are:

Automatic filling lines for the various types of packaging for liquid cosmetic products 1br-.; Semi-Linie pʺlneŝa monoblock cleaners for compositions with neutral pH 1br .; Digital machine seal 1 on the label-No .; The digital machine to seal the card and hartiâ- 1br .. With the implementation of the project is postignaha and pledged purposes, namely:

Expansion, modernization of the production process, increasing production capacity; Increasing the export potential of the enterprise. Some of the indicators of the project are achieved with the completion of the activities. The other set of indicators will be reported, three years after implementation of the project on the basis of statements. At present it remains to submit only a final report to the MA for reporting and last costs incurred in connection with the implementation of project activities. The final date for submission of the final report is 24.05.2017g.