INFORMATION ON THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PROJECT: Modernization of the production process, increase production capacity and export potential “PERILIS TRAIDING” LTD by purchasing new equipment

In July 2016 took place a procedure for selection of contractors for the delivery of pledged project: “Modernization of the production process, increasing production capacity and export potential” Perilis TRADING “Ltd. by purchasing new equipment.” For each lot to get an offer. After examining and evaluating the offers received, the management of “Perilis Trading” LTD decided to conclude contracts with the selected artists. It was implemented and vetting by the Managing Authority.

At the end of August 2016 signed all contracts for the supply of equipment pledged for the project, namely:

Automatically filling line for various types of packaging for liquid cosmetic products;

- Semi-automatic filling monoblok- line cleaners with a neutral pH;

- Digital printing machine labels;

- Digital printing machine cardboard and paper.

Upcoming Events in the project:

- Payments to suppliers;

- Start execution of contracts;

- Delivery of the pledged equipment