About Us

Perilis Trading was founded in 2003 starting with a small production of detergents. Since then, we have been manufacturing and supplying hair and body cosmetics meeting the highest standards, as well as other necessary accessories. We have our own modern production and printing base near Varna, very well trained consultants and excellent logistics and supply network.

Our goal is to provide innovative, efficient and workable solutions- from the product development and manufacturing to the marketing and logistic. Perilis Trading produces both basic series ot hotel cosmetics as well as personalized and luxurious series with special design for hotels with individual approach to the guests.

The main philosophy of Perilis Trading in the production of detergents is primarily to create environmentally and human friendly health products. We are also looking to create easy to use and highly efficient products which are corresponding to the Bulgarian market prices.

The clients of Perilis Trading are over 500 hotels and hotel chains from Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Spain, Romania, Macedonia and their number is increasing.Our customers feel confident that we will find the right decisions for them within short time frames.

The awards, special diplomas and prizes in national charts are our acknowledgment of the daily aspirations for high-quality production, perfection of end products and comprehensiveness in the individual approach:

*The prestigious Regal magazine has placed Perilis Trading among the largest manufactures of FMCG in Bulgaria for 2017.

* Perilis Trading is ranked sixth in TOP 10 of the manufactures of personalbody care products in Bulgaria and is a leader among the companies producing hotel cosmetics.

* Perilis Trading is a two- time winner of special prizes of the Bulgarian and Restaurant Associatin for 2015 and 2017.

- “The most successfully growing Bulgarian company for the production of hotel cosmetics” for 2015 year.

- ” For the best partnership” in 2017 year.

The team of Perilis Trading invests enthusiasm in every step of the process, ensuring that even the highest goals of our clients will be met.